Tuesday, 23 September 2008

cerebral concussion

what i remember?

i don't mean that i have a cerebral concussion, but him
that was about April, 2005.
he crashed into somebody else...
he haven't come to school for about a week.
i was telling him that i want to go to his house to c him
but he refused

after he came back
he had a black eye..

i remember on that monday he came back to school
he walked me home
holdin hands together
that was actually sweet

whatever these r just memories...
some sweet memories
just like back when i was in WUHAN
we usually go out on FRIDAY AFTERNOON
more than half the class
but after i left 
i never go out with classmate anymore
though sometimes i may go out with my friends
just 1 or 2
never so much people, like more than 20

sometimes i was thinkin that maybe it is that changing a new place make me lock myself inside
but the time i feel the change is in high school
i don't wanna hide but he did change me a lot
i can say that he changed me a loti
n many ways

actually after these years i know that i grow up a lot
more mature than i was 15
i may think a lot before i do someting 
so much changed maybe that is the reason i can't make things go back
and i could tell that I AM HEAL!
all the pain is gone
for sure
what has left is only those sweet times we spent together
i won't expect to c him one day
maybe this is what called destiny
what we ever had is enough
i won't deny everything

all i know is that i loved him