Tuesday, 9 June 2009

cant believe I'm here can find wireless

and get on line

since blogger has been banned in mainland for so long
i haven no chance to log in and not to say blog

but speed on youtube twitter blogger is extremely fast
love it here

Monday, 20 April 2009

BRAVO i got the good news

waited 4 so long
i could
saying goodbye to all the things here


a new life
what can i say

i'm really getting closer to my dream
first if HK
then i'm going to UK
i'm coming to LONDON
for my Arsenal!!!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

at least i know what i want

it cant be more clear
if u ever come back and talk to me

i'm not sure about everything
but one thing i can be sure is that
we cant go back to before
we cant be together again

just suppose that
if this happen, which has a very small probability
the answer is no

i've changed
i moved on alone
all by my self
i used to get lost
i tried my best to stay him
he still said no
i know it is hard
but now there's nothing left there
only memory
the illusion of i love him

i'm sorry
but this aint gonna happen my baby
not even acquaintance
not even somebody i know

there's a time vortex between
millions of light years away
i let go already

it's true
i have love you.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm sorry i still keep my promises to you

i still keep my promises to you.
it's been almost 4years.

i dont know if i will ever c u again.
and i dont know how long can i keep my promises.

a few years more or forever.
i dreamed bout u last night
it's not the first time.
there are a lot before.

i've always think about u will come back to find me.
but u never.

i dont know where u are.
i wish to hear ur voice
i wish to c u face 2 face.

i never stop thinkin of u.
i just cant let go
I've tried so many times to forget about u
forget about us.

but i just cant
i just cant

but u wont
u r already gone
i may never c u again my love

but i really love u
it's true
i never lie
i wish to start all over again.

but it seems impossible.
sorry my love
my first love.
i still keep my promises to u.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

finally come the easter special of DW

that's just a long wait
from last year's xmas to this easter
but finally
11th apr is coming
what can i say.
i'll watch it later
kinda busy these days.

some memory bout high school
but it's just a memory.
i'm all grown up now.
im 19
i know i cant forget but ive already moved on
time cant be reversed.
even though i may fall into a time vortex
but my mind cant be reversed.

that all
keep everything to the good memory is the best way

Thursday, 9 April 2009

i dont like people judge me

mama called today...
she saw my essay..
and she said i should write some more reference
i dont know
i feel very unhappy
so i said byebye

i have to say that
the resource is limited
i have that 7 page essay
should be good enough

i really dont know
sometimes i think that i know
but the truth is that i dont like people judge me
i think i am always right

just forget that

i swim today
got some earache

i dont like life here
there's no water during days..
only after 6
theres water supply
i have no appetite
life sucks

really sucks...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

i suddenly remember the dog i saw in summer 2006

it was i went to a damn place in that summer
just before the last year in high school
i was desperate
really desperate
but what can i do?

seems like no one else understand me
i can hardly eat
i can hardly speak anything
i dont think they were trying to help me

but that moment i saw a dog
i wasnt frightened at all
i looked into his eyes
i saw something there
like we knew each other long time ago
we just look at each other like that for several mintues

i saw sadness in his eyes
he was desperate
i dont know what to do
tears fill my eyes