Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I'm sorry i still keep my promises to you

i still keep my promises to you.
it's been almost 4years.

i dont know if i will ever c u again.
and i dont know how long can i keep my promises.

a few years more or forever.
i dreamed bout u last night
it's not the first time.
there are a lot before.

i've always think about u will come back to find me.
but u never.

i dont know where u are.
i wish to hear ur voice
i wish to c u face 2 face.

i never stop thinkin of u.
i just cant let go
I've tried so many times to forget about u
forget about us.

but i just cant
i just cant

but u wont
u r already gone
i may never c u again my love

but i really love u
it's true
i never lie
i wish to start all over again.

but it seems impossible.
sorry my love
my first love.
i still keep my promises to u.


A said...

u know what
i just break my promise.
on Sept 29
that's good and yesterday was awesome.