Wednesday, 11 March 2009

it's all about love

actually there was a time
i wanted to abandon this blog
because of some log in problems
but now seems everything's fine
so that's good

back to the theme all about love
its all about love
all about love

i watched the reader
let the right one in
all good films
really good
make ppl think
and make ppl cry
i cry when hanna is on court
and declared that she's gonna stay behind bars all her life
and michael read to her
every day every night
it's all about love
michael was very young

he was ashamed of the affair with Hanna
but Hanna was ashame of she couldnt read and write
what a shame
not every story ends up happy
a lot is some kinda tragedy
yet that's the truth of life
like tatanic
only few life story ends up like the notebook
snow white
it's like those are just novel
just story
just something we looking forward to
but in real life
these cant happen

just cant
probably i am shamed 2...
just all of what i had done when i was 15
it's a shame
a sweet shame
a sweet sin
but i need to walk out of that memory
i have a life
just need some more time
trust me
i can~