Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Things are going bad

I don't know things are going bad. I don't know what to do and there's nothing i could do. All those supposes what if i can't ... What if i can't ... But the answer is that i really don't know. I kinda can't think. I kinda don't know what to think. But the future. The future i really expect to go there. What if my life was ruined. What if that is what god punish me for? Is it ture that they won't judge on the exam results to give one the offer? I don't know... If they look in to the exam score which is awful and i may be sure to know that i would be one out of the offer list... Honestly, i have worked hard but i don't know why i can't get high scores in exams. God it's killing me. Ok now i just want to ask god did i make a wrong choice? I've always believed you. There.s no way you gonna see my whole life ruined. I had a future before. You let me see it once. I believed in you. But why i can't see the future now? My lord please let me see the future. I trust you. You gotta help me with everything. PLEASE