Thursday, 16 October 2008


Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas regrets the departure of Alexander Hleb and Mathieu Flamini, as he feels The Gunners are lacking experience.
The Gunners’ maestro reckons his squad is short on numbers following the departure of major players, and he even claims the team have been forced to change the way they play.
The Spaniard is also missing playmaker Tomas Rosicky, who is still sidelined through injury.
“We have a short squad and we are very young,” Fabregas told a press conference. “Behind me Denilson and [Alexandre] Song play, and they are 20. [Theo] Walcott is 19 and [Samir] Nasri is 21.
“Can you imagine I’m the oldest midfielder? Winning will be tough for us because we are not experienced.
“Last season I scored a lot because I had [Tomas] Rosicky, and [Mathieu] Flamini who used to run all over the pitch.
“[Alexander] Hleb as well, who is like my brother. They have gone now and I feel weird. We are more conservative and strong, but with less touches.”
European champion Fabregas is an admirer of Arsene Wenger and has explained why the Frenchman is not into making big money signings.
He added: “Arsene Wenger has crystal clears ideas, there aren’t two like him. He doesn’t want to spend money as he prefers to trust youngsters.
“His idea is that Walcott can’t develop if you sign Cristiano [Ronaldo].”
The midfielder has compared Arsenal’s and Spain’s tactics, and even if he understands his status is much more important under Arsene Wenger, Fabregas remains a patient player when he wears the national jersey.
“To me it (not being an automatic starter for his country) is not an issue because I’m aware I’m young,” he added. “I play differently and must adapt.
“I’m not an attacker that plays with his back to goal because I haven’t got the body neither the agility to do it.
“I need to watch what’s happening because I’m not quick neither agile. I rely on my passes and my vision.
“Nowadays we play in 5-4-1 with Spain and at Arsenal it’s always 4-4-2. At Arsenal I can move, do what I think I must do. The gaffer doesn’t make me to do anything. I feel free.
“With Spain it is different, you touch the ball, make lots of controls. There (in England) it’s more about counter attacks and going as quickly as possible in front of the goal.
“I know who I am. I notice a change when I’m with Spain but it’s normal - I don’t play (in La Liga) and people don’t see me. I am 21 and have so much to learn.
“I feel so important in England, but you should remain humble when you play football.”
Fabregas was then asked about his opinion over foreign investment in The Premier League, and he said: “This hasn’t happened to Arsenal. But it’s like a hobby to them, like a toy.
“When they don’t like it they change it.”
Fabregas scored a last-second equaliser during the 1-1 draw at Sunderland but claims he is not good at headers.
“It’s rare because I’m used to scoring set pieces including corners, and I’m not good at headers. But I’d like to improve because a midfielder that can head the ball is more efficient.
“Most of all I must improve defensively. I always want to attack, to score, to deliver, it’s my dream.”

i miss them 2..
come on
we could do it this season...
league champion
champion's league
in arsene i trust